Ein starkes Netzwerk dank


Gemeinsam in die Zukunft - Nano­technologie -
Kompetenzen aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Politik und Lehre.

Welcome to the Cluster Nanotechnology

We cross-link nanotechnology competences from the economy, science, politics and education. The focus is on the networking with small and medium-sized enterprises with each other and with universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions, on an efficient transfer of R&D&I results into marketable products and the promotion of cooperations aiming at concrete projects, i.e. in the field of nanocarbon materials, nanoinks, nanosilver or nanoanalytics.

Core competencies are the initiation, support and coordination of projects and networks up to the complete project management, the support of project proposals and the organisation of customer-specific innovation workshops and seminars.

Together, we can achieve more – a strong network emerges through the bundled skills and competences.