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FutureCarbon GmbH

FutureCarbon is specialized in the development and manufacturing of carbon nanomaterials and their refinement to create what are called carbon super-composites, primary products for further processing by industry.

Carbon super-composites are combinations of materials that unfold the special characteristics of carbon nanomaterials such as high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and mechanical reinforcement in the macroscopic world of real applications. All of our materials are manufactured on an industrial scale.

Our objective is to provide solutions matching the requirements of customers who use our products to create new, high-performance materials with specific mechanical, electrical or thermal characteristics.

FutureCarbon has an exceptional know-how of:

  • custom-designed functionalization and production of carbon nanomaterials,
  • dispersion of carbon nanomaterials in very different matrix systems,
  • combinational materials design

FutureCarbon delivers standard products for general applications as well as custom products for specials requirements. The technical fields of application can be found within the following:

  • Electrical heating,
  • Electrical Conductivity,
  • Electriomagnetic Shielding as well as
  • Mechanical reinforcement of composites (cfrp & gfrp)

Some examples from FutureCarbon┬┤s standard portfolio:
Carbo e-Therm is a carbon nanomaterials based, highly efficient electrically heated coating for applications with non hazardous low voltage power supplies (e.g. 12 V / 24 V). The excellent applicability of the coating to very different geometries and surfaces in combination with its high heating power allow for the utilization of Carbo e-Therm in a wide range of possible applications, e.g. floor- or wall heating, heating systems for automotive or process heatings in industry applications.

Carbo e-Paint is an electrically highly conductive, water-based acrylate wall paint for safe low-volt heating applications in homes and buildings. After easy application via rolling or spraying and installation of the heating area a cozy and natural radiation warmth in generated.

CarboShield is a highly effective coating for protection against electromagnetic radiation. Depending on the product variant CarboShield can protect rooms, technical equipments or electronic systems against the negative influences by an effective reflection of the electromagnetic radiation with very high shielding attenuation.

Carbo Force  is a carbon nanotubes (CNT) reinforced polymer system to significantly enhance the mechanical properties of glass- (GFRP) or carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers (CFRP). Designed as an epoxy or cyanat ester resin master batch optimized for its final composites, it allows a homogneous dispersion into the target matrix. With a content as low as 0.5 % the specially refined nanomaterials achieve unprecedented mechanical properties compared to conventional composite materials.



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