Hybrid Materials -
Nano goes Macro

Technology platform for
the combination of macro
and nanomaterials


Hybrid Materials - Nano goes Macro

Nano goes Macro was founded in 2017 by the Cluster Nanotechnology and is a cross-industry technology platform for the combination of nano and macro materials, focusing on fiber-reinforced systems.
The  conference Hybrid Materials - Nano goes Macro particularly addresses industry delegates and application-oriented universities and institutes seeking new trends and partners for cooperation activities.
Get more information on the high innovative potential of hybrid materials with nanomaterials and / or submit your own contributions and present your plans and projects as well as your products and solutions at the two-day conference in Nuremberg.

The Conference Hybrid Materials - Nano goes Macro ist the continuation of the successful Innovationsforum Carbon (2017). This year, the conference will focus on projects, products and solutions in the areas of lightweight construction, energy storage, construction and processing.

Participants will receive:

  • Market overview and comprehensible introduction to the topics of nanotechnology and fibre composites
  • Information about existing processes, applications and products
  • Technical solutions of nanocomposites and fibre-reinforced systems with material improving properties (e.g., conductivity control, higher load capacities, improved mechanical parameters)
  • Workshops on corrosion resistance, dispersion techniques, functionalisation, aerospace applications
  • Development of future cooperation
  • Information about recycling, health and occupational safety
General information about the conference

November 6th and 7th, 2019

Karl-Bröger-Straße 9
90459 Nürnberg

Conference Language:
Conference Language is German. Talks and Slides may be in English.

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