Network nanoInk

Developement of special inks and
inkjet related process technologies

Cooperation in R&D projects

The objective of the network nanoInk is the common development of innovative special inks as well as the further development of inkjet-based process technologies. For the successful implementation of project ideas, we do always consider the interdisciplinary aspects of the respective technologies. Prerequisite for the successful implementation of an industrially applicable system is a depth-in understanding of the interaction of ink, process, substrate, machine and environment. A complete system that can be used in industry first arises through a common understanding of the interaction of ink, process, substrate, machine and environment. In order to achieve this goal, the different skills in the network complement one another. We do not consider the development of inks and printing systems separately but rather as an entity.

Currently there are more than 10 joint projects being dealt with in the network. These can be thematically divided into the focal areas of process technology, quality control and ink development. On this homepage you will find selected research and development projects from the network nanoInk and its partners. This category is constantly being expanded with current projects.

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Determination of particel size distributions in stirred media e.g. for the formulation of inkjet inks.

Analysing alternative drying and Compactionprocesses for printed electonic devices.

Real-time Drop Analysis for Inkjet Printing:Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA Inkjet

Hybrid gold nanoink.