Nanonetz Bayern e.V.


We connect nano -
we connect people!


We appreciate your interest in a membership in the network association Nanonetz Bayern e.V.

Your benefits as an association member:

  • Exchange of information and experience and transfer of knowledge with regard to nanotechnology
  • Regular newsletter - You will stay informed about current developments and have the opportunity to present your new nanotechnology developments and products
  • Promotion of contacts between R&D institutions and users in industry and economy - with pleasure we arrange contacts and introduce you to our partners!
  • Support of the collective research and development in the field of nanotechnology
  • Provision of information regarding public funding programmes from the European Commission, Federal Government and Bavarian State Government
  • Organisation of conventions, workshops and symposia - members pay a reduced fee for our events
  • Sustainable talent support
  • Annual execution of a school competition

Statutes of Nanonetz Bayern e. V.

Here you will find the current statutes of the association (in German).

Donations to support the work of the association are always welcome. The association is recognized as a non-profit organization.
Please complete the application form and send it to us by post, fax or e-mail. We are happy to answer your questions by phone at +49 931 31-80570 or by e-mail at info (at)

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