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Promoting Young Talent

The bottleneck in qualified workers in the field of natural sciences is an obstacle to growth and innovation. It is therefore essential that we promote young talent. The promotion of nanotechnological teaching content at schools and universities is thus an important part of the work of Nanonetz Bayern e.V. From initially individual campaigns and promotional measures, a complete programme of young-talent promotion has formed.

School competition on nanotechnology

Nanonetz Bayern e.V. annually hosts a school competition on nanotechnology. In this context students from all secondary schools demonstrate their research quality an ingenuity.

Winner of the school competition 2018

School visits and teacher training

The Initiative Junge Forscherinnen und Forscher e.V. (Initiative for young Researchers) carries out further youth development activities on behalf of and in close cooperation with the Nanonetz Bayern e.V., e.g. School visits and teacher trainigs. Get to know the complete offer of the IJF e.V.

School visit on nanotechnology of the Initiative Junger Forscherinnen und Forscher e.V.

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