Network NanoSilver

Targeted Further developement
and responsible implementation
of nanosilver products

Welcome to the Network NanoSilver

The network NanoSilver deals with the responsible further development of nano silver in production, processing, application and disposal.

The competence center was established by the Cluster Nanotechnology in 2011. From 2011-2014, the network NanoSilver was partially funded by the BMWi's ZIM programme. Since 2015 the network is self-financed by the Cluster Nanotechnology and the network partners. The network comprises partner companies, partner institutions and the network management. Contact us if you are interested in contributing as a partner.

On this Homepage you will find Informationen on the network, the network partners, as well as basic Information regarding the potential of nanosilver as well as its diverse applications.

Here you will also find more information on our services and the advantages of an acitve membership in the network NanoSilver!

If you are interessted in becoming a Partner, please contact us!

Note to the visitor

Not all pages are available in English. Please apologize the inconvenience. News and announcements are only available in German.

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