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The Network NanoCarbon presents: focus workshop „Nanocarbons for energy storage“

October 14, 2020 / 9:30-14:00h

How can nanocarbons improve the future of energy storage? Meet the experts, join the discussion and find out during this focus workshop.

Main topics of this event are hands-on solutions for the challenges in the field of energy storage. Researching and developing more efficient energy storage methods is key for a more sustainable future. Therefore, this key technology is in the focus of different competence centers (e.g. the Graphene Flagship) whose experts will share their knowledge during this workshop.

Furthermore, specialists from small and medium-sized enterprises will present topics like Li-ion batteries and how to improve them using carbon nano tubes, the gain of graphene in ultracapacitors as well as a new approach to implementing fuel cells in automotive applications. This is your opportunity to get insight into energy storage from a business oriented perspective.

During the discussion in the afternoon, you have the chance to interact with our experts and the other participants. Use this opportunity to get answers about different technologies for energy storage and make new connections.

Our speakers are from the following corporations and institutions:

You can find the program of the event here.


Nanocarbons for energy storage

Date / Time
October 14, 2020 / 9:30-14:00

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