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Netzwerkpartner auf dem Materials Science and Engineering Kongress 2018

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26.-28. September in Darmstadt

Prof. Dr. Tobias Kraus (Netzwerkpartner INM) organisiert das Symposium P10: Wet Processing of Nanostructured Materials:

Wet-processing of materials aims to reduce device production cost and energy consumption, without sacrificing functionality and good performance. This symposium will focus on recent developments on nanostructured materials fabricated by solution-processing, especially on material growth, fabrication of functional thin films, patterning, high throughput processing, advanced characterization techniques, establishment of processing-structure-property relationship, and integration approaches for device applications.


  • Organic/inorganic/hybrid nanostructures deposition
  • Magnetic materials
  • Materials for opto-electronic devices
  • Porous layers
  • Solution-based patterning and self-assembly techniques
  • Ink formulation for printing functional layers

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