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"Dynamic-mechanical analysis – the standard for post-process quality assurance in composite manufacturing"

November 8, 2018, 9AM / 5PM

Part 3 of this webinar series will introduce the measurement principle of dynamic-mechanical analysis and show how to perform quality assurance in the composite sector.


How Fully Automatic Software Routines can Actively Support Users in the Evaluation of Thermoanalytical Curves

November 20, 2018, 9AM / 5PM

Part 4 of this webinar gives you an impression about these powerful software solutions by NETZSCH and illustrates how they can support you in your everyday work.

Speed up your sintering process

November 15, 2018 - 9am / 5pm

This webinar gives you an overview about how to save time and money while using KINETICS NEO Software, which speeds up your sintering process by up to 60%

Additional webinars on topics such as pharmaceuticals, composites, polymers, building materials, ceramics and others can be found on the homepage of NETZSCH:


Vertiefungskurs: Auswahl und Bewertung von Altpapier

|   NanoInk Termine

15.-16. Oktober 2019, PTS Heidenau


Einführung in die Papiererzeugung

|   NanoInk Termine

21.-24. Oktober 2019, PTS Heidenau


Forschungsforum Papierveredelung

|   Nano Termine

29. Oktober 2019, Heidenau