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Network partner GBneuhaus on International Suppliers Fair (IZB)

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16.-18. October 2018

As a specialist for innovative coating solutions, the portfolio of GBneuhaus covers a wide spectrum of functional and decorative coating systems for a variety of possible applications on different surfaces like glass, plastic, metal and ceramic. These coatings allow you to finish your products in various ways according to your needs.

Defined attributes are either created or significantly improved, whereby multiple effects can be combined in one single coating system. The innovative solutions from GBneuhaus GmbH thus enable a significant improvement of defined criteria. Such as colour luminosity and colouring, scratch resistance, electrical conductivity, UV-resistance, IR-reflection, temperature stability or water-repellent, antimicrobial and hydrophobic (“Easy-to-Clean”) characteristics. This creates an advantage on the market in terms of techniques and technology by significantly improved products. The coating solutions are unique for the relevant customer application.

Visit GBneuhaus in Hall 4, Booth 4106C


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